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Learn how smart components drive value for renewables

Renewable-power-generation technology is increasingly efficient and affordable. Wind-power capacity more than tripled and solar power grew at an average annual rate of 59% over the last decade in the US.

A major hurdle to increased renewables profitability has been the inability to store the energy when generation exceeds demand. That hurdle continues to shrink with ongoing advancements in energy storage systems and the related controls



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What does energy storage success look like?

Today's energy portfolio is increasingly complex and dynamic. Large, coal-fired plants are increasingly being replaced or augmented with power from multiple sources, including a growing amount of renewable energy from a variety of generation sources. The need to merge these sources requires new technology to ensure power quality and stability. Optimizing the value of renewables means turning to storage technology.

View this on-demand webinar to hear industry experts provide you with the latest on three of these technologies:

- Power Conditioning Systems
- Batter Management Systems
- Battery Rack Systems

Anyone involved in renewable-power generation or distribution needs to understand these technologies and how they can be successfully put to work to create smarter, more flexible, and more reliable networks.




Allen Austin, Market Development Mgr - Americas, Renewable Energy & Power Generation, ABB Inc.

Additional Energy Storage Resources

How to select the right smart components

Power-control systems (PCS) builders and buyers in many industries have embraced new, smarter components that are providing expanded machine control, improved efficiency, and enhanced safety. Smart components have proven to be especially beneficial in some specific panel applications. Where are the best places to incorporate smart components? These two technical papers have answers.

Technical paper: 3 smart applications of smart technology in solar: This short summary describes three examples of smart technology that solar-powered providers are increasingly relying on to enhance the performance and reliability of their sites. 

Technical paper: Are you making smart component choices for your battery energy storage power control systems? This paper will help you make smart choices when it comes to some fo the most critical PCS technology, including automatic transfer switches and current monitoring systems. 

Selecting smart components creates smarter, more reliable, and more efficient controls for your battery storage systems, helping you maximize the profitability of your renewable energy assets. Download both papers for insights on how to make smarter component choices for your PCS. 


Energy storage solutions brochure

Strategically placed energy storage systems throughout the electrical grid can increase the operational performance and reliability of the utility network, better integrate alternative energy sources, balance electricity supply and demand, and ensure that energy is readily available when primary power sources are interrupted. Energy storage benefits the entire power value chain, from generation, transmission, all the way to users. 

With the ability to connect different types of energy storage mediums, ABB ESSProTM Grid is a turnkey energy storage solution that ranges in power from hundreds of kilowatts to 100 plus megawatts. The optimized energy storage systems enable fast response to variations in demand and supply, helping to maintain grid stability and enduring reliable and high-quality energy supplies through a range of applications. 

Read this technical brochure to learn about ABB's fully integrated turnkey energy storage solution. 


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